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IonFarms Business Areas

Water Treatment

Ionizer, Hydrogen Water Generator, 1THE Water Filter System

The interest in water has risen over the years around the globe as the number of countries with water shortages increased and awareness about environment improved. The human body consists of 70 percent of water and water is essential for life. To improve our customers’ quality of life with drinking water, we have been developing a variety of products for family, industrial and portable use.

Natural Science

Washball, Chipad

We have been showing eco-friendly ideas that could meet our customers’ demand, focusing on their health and life convenience. Fromthis WASHBALL which can wash clothes with no detergent at all to products that discharge waste from the body,we have produced and exported products that put priority on eco-friendliness and our clients’ health.


Alpha Filter, Water Bottle

We have strived to make products that our customers can use without worry about safety by using our patented products and non-toxic materials.