IonFarms Values

With its business skills and experiences learned through working with a variety of different products, IonFarms will grow as a global corporate together with its business partners.


Creative innovations without fearing changes

Being equipped with evolving technologies, IonFarms will stay open mined yet professional to cope with the competitive global society. In addition, IonFarms will start a new business culture that allows its members to bring their full potential to inspire the world.


Passion to inspire customers with new life values

IonFarms guides its customers with new experience to fulfill sustainable life styles by providing innovative services that satisfy customer셲 various needs and care for customer셲 convenience.
In addition, working persistently to elevate customer셲 expectations, IonFarms cares for not only its customers but also their surrounding environment to offer top notch services. IonFarms believes that every business and customer is a partner in making this world a better place. IonFarms will continue to improve itself to be acknowledged by its customers and society.


Sharing, caring and investing on people

IonFarms knows that people are more valuable than anything else. That is why IonFarms continues to invest on people who can grow together with the company.
Being awarded 500 the Most Wanted Companies to Work for, IonFarms provides the pleasant working environment that employees want to work, many benefits such as insurances and paid vacations and education opportunities for improving the skills at work. Moreover, IonFarms donates and sponsors about 10 organizations and individuals continuously. IonFarms practices its social duties and responsibilities through giving equal opportunities to social minorities and hiring new employees every year.


A promising company with uncompromising product quality and cutting edge technologies

IonFarms is a trustworthy company, of which products have been quality certified in many countries, high end technology acknowledged and exported to over 60 different countries.
high end technology acknowledged and exported to over 60 different countries. Starting with a 1 Million Dollar Export Trophy in 2007, IonFarms has been awarded a Most Admired CEO, a Certificate of Venture Business and by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy and the Korea International Trade Association and selected as an Export Specialized Company and a Promising Export Firm.