Dissolved Hydrogen(DH) Measurement

Dissolved Hydrogen(DH) Measurement
It is the value that indicates the amount of hydrogen dissolved in the water.

The parameter is ppm (parts per million), and it is expressed in one millionth of the amount of hydrogen in water.



How To Measure

몺 Put the water into the provided test container up to the indicated line (6cc)

몼 If you set 1000ppm of hydrogen water as a standard for testing,
뀮open the test kit and drop 10 consecutive droplets into 몺.

몾 If the color of water in 몺 is transparent, check the color change
뀮while adding two droplets each time.

몿 If the color turns blue on the 20th droplet, the level of the dissolved hydrogen water is 1000ppb.

뀮 Measurement standard: 50ppb per drop.

뀮 Recommended temperature of the water is 10~20 꼦. The measurement by reagents may have some errors.

뀮 If you are using a new product, use at least 5 times to get accurate results.


뀮쨌 Water with no or little hydrogen appears as blue.
뀮쨌 Water that contains hydrogen does not show any chemical reaction.
뀮쨌 Hydrogen-containing water will gradually show chemical reaction as hydrogen disappears

뀮뀮over time changing its color into blue.


뀮쨌 Do NOT drink. (if you drink it by mistake, vomit immediately, then visit hospital and follow doctor셲 instructions.)
뀮쨌 If it gets on your hand or body parts, immediately wash cleanly with soap.
뀮쨌 Please keep it in the place out of reach of children.
뀮쨌 Do NOT drink the tested water.