Dissolved Hydrogen(DH) Measurement

DH is a measurement for the amount of Dissolved Hydrogen molecules in water.
We use PPB(Parts Per Billion) as a figure of DH level, and it starts from 0.

0 means that here is no hydrogen in the water.
If it goes up to 1,000 PPB, it means there are 1L of hydrogen in 1쨉g water.
Generally, we call it 쏦ydrogen water only if DH level goes more than 1,000 PPB.

How To Measure

* Do the test with water temperature of 25꼦~35꼦.

1. Shake the reagent well enough before starting the test.

2. Pour the hydrogen water to be tested until the indicated line(6cc) of the provided test bottle.

3. Make 7 drops of reagent to the bottle.

4. If the reagent drops turn transparent, start adding 1 drop at a time.

5. The water contains 1,000ppb ~ 1,100ppb of hydrogen if they turn blue on the 11th drop.

*1 drop equals 100ppb
*Slightly shake the test bottle every time the reagent is dropped.
*DH test results may vary depending on the environment. Use the hydrogen meter for exact results.
*For more exact results, do the test after running the cleaning mode.
*Do not reuse the reagent once opened.
*You may refer to our videos for the detailed procedures.혻

뀮쨌 Do NOT drink.혻
뀮쨌 If it gets on your hand or body parts, immediately wash cleanly with soap.
뀮쨌 Please keep it in the place out of reach of children.
뀮쨌 Do NOT drink the tested water.