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Why buy a water ionizer?혻 I mean, you can live without one, right?혻 Sure you can. But then, you can live without fresh food and exercise.

IonFarms New Product

A matte stainless steel sheet and a touch screen with 7-color backlights give MMP its clean and modern look. No cheesy artworks or multi-colored cheap plastic panel used.

IonFarms Business Model

IonFarms is growing as a leader in the eco-friendly product industry with its unique items that meet customer’s needs.

NEW MMP혻혻 features user-friendly design with the colorful LCD screen and jog dial. Its compact size that fits perfectly into your kitchen will make your space special than ever. NEW MMP speaks in 5 different languages (English, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese and Korean), so you can listen to the prompts in the language of your preference. Automatic water controlling system allows you to get exact amount of water. Also, you can see and check the pH and flow amount of your drinking water when you select the type and level of water.